We are closed to applications and processing new members due to the Covid-19 restrictions. At this current time, we are only conducting minimal contact with our full members. There are no face-to-face activities at this time. At such time that we can get back to business as usual, we will post that we are accepting applications on our website. I anticipate that this will be when the government gives province the go ahead.

It will not be business as usual. Please read and obey the following rules as well as any notices posted up within the club. If you are not well or have any of the described symptoms listed at the entrance, PLEASE stay away!! All the notices posted are still in effect along with the rules and the details posted here. We will let you all know whenever anything changes. The CFO will let us know as soon as the restrictions are no longer necessary. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW !!

New Club Rules

·Hand sanitizer will be provided and should be used upon entering and exiting the club.

·Social distancing is in effect between anyone not living in the same household. ·No one exhibiting the following symptoms will be permitted entry. See posted list.

-There are gloves and masks provided if you feel it is necessary for you to wear them. Masks are very expensive, so if you can, bring your own.

·The kitchen is closed and cannot be used.

·The washrooms are closed and not to be used except in an emergency. Sanitizer will be provided so you can wipe down thoroughly all the areas you have touched. ·Any garbage you generate must be taken with you. There will be no garbage containers.·A pathway through the club to the shooting area will be marked off and must be followed. 

·Sign-in with index cards provided. Enter your name, date, time, calibres shot and time of departure. Place them in the wall slot. 

·We all have to abide by the rules, so we can all enjoy the club. 

·Shooting will be allowed at positions 1 and 4 only, with 2 people at a time. If you have another member of your family with you that needs supervision, you must stay in the open lanes with them. Do not enter the lanes at 2 and 3. 

·We are allowed to gather in groups of 5 at the most. If there are more than 5 people in the shooting area, please wait in the parking lot or come back when there aren’t too many people. As always, video cameras are on. The club will be open daily at the regular times from now on. These rules are always in effect. There will be no meetings or courses at the club. Probationary members can not shoot at this time, because we cannot get within arm’s length of another person. We will look into extending their membership. There will be no supervised shoots on Monday nights or group shoots on Wednesday nights. Also, please note the following: 

DO NOT ENTER THE CLUB if you have: -Fever -Cough -Difficulty breathing -Been out ot the country within the last 2 weeks 

Or have at least 2 of the following : ·Chills ·Fatigue ·Headache ·Sore throat ·Runny nose ·Stuffy or congested nose ·Loss of sense of taste or smell ·Hoarse voice ·Difficulty swallowing Digestive issues (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain) Contact your health provider. Thanks everybody.  

The Collingwood Rod & Gun Club is an active club giving its members  access to membership in the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. 

It offers a chance to expand your knowledge in firearms handling and safety, and socialize with like minded people. It offers shooting and social events such as annual competition and dinners. Members with club administrated ATT’s are required to meet club compliance rules.

The club also offers an active Outdoor rim fire rifle and handgun range approved by the Attorney Generals Office, (CFO Office), an area for Archery, small craft docking facilities (when water levels permit), picnic and play grounds, a large club house for meetings, socials, and club activities of all natures. Members also enjoy access to many other firearms related courses and clinics

Our Range is open to members and guests Monday and Wednesday 9:00am to 9:00pm  

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00am to 7:00pm. 

Sunday and all Retail Holidays 11:00am to 7:00pm.

"Collingwood Rod & Gun Club Core Values (Must Read Here Please)" 

Big Thanks to Jim Whitehead

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We Are A Private Club

We are not accepting new members at this time.

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Shooting while CFSC or Hunters Ed is in session:

Importaint notice

No guns or live ammo can pass through the club training area while a class is in progress. Since 2 people must always be present to shoot, one person can go through the training area with Ian’s consent and open the back door. The guns and ammo can then be brought in through the back  door on their way out to the range. At no time, are the guns or ammo allowed to pass the doorway to the washrooms and the training area. The back door must then be locked.

Since noise is also a consideration, only .22 calibre guns will be allowed to be used during training sessions. We hope this will be a good solution to those using the range on the weekend.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance

Our Address

Collingwood Rod and Gun Club, Box 396, Collingwood ON, L9Y3Z7

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 President - Paul Winterburn

Please Remember Our New Hours

         Monday and Wednesday   
            9 AM to 9 PM
        Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  
            9 AM to 7 PM
            9 AM to 7 PM
       Sunday and all retail holidays 
           11 AM to 7 PM

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Secretary Dan Orvis



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